Plumbing Service

Services Prices
General plumbing work Rs.150 Visiting Charge
Water tank installation
500 L - 750 L Rs.599
1000 L Rs.899
2000 L Rs.1199
Overhead water tank cleaning
Upto 750 L Rs.550
Above 750 L - 1000L Rs.650
Above 1000 L - 2000 L Rs.900
2000 L and Above Rs.1150
Underground water tank cleaning
Upto 1000 L Rs.999
1000 - 1200 L Rs.1300
2000 L and Above Rs.1700
Bathroom fittings installation Rs.150 Visiting Charge
Kitchen sink installation Rs.350
Kitchen sink clogged Rs.150 Visiting Charge
Kitchen sink Repair Rs.150 Visiting Charge
Water motor installation Rs.350
Pressure pump installation Rs.350
Insatallation/Fitting Rs.200
Repair Rs.150 Visiting Charge
Wash Basin
Insatallation/Fitting Rs.350
Repair Rs.150 Visiting charge
Uninstallation Rs.250
Fitting or Installation Rs.150 Visiting charge
Removal Rs.700
Seat Cover Fitting Rs.250
Flush tank
Fitting or Installation Rs.400
Repair Rs.150 Visiting charge
Blocks & Leakages Rs.150 Visiting charge
Towel Rod/Hanger Rs.100
Soap Holder Rs.150
Toilet Paper Holder Rs.100
Shower Rs.200
WC Jet Rs.250
Face Mirror (small upto 50 cm) Rs.100
Face Mirror (50-100 cm) Rs.250
Face Mirror (100-200 cm) Rs.500
Commode western style (standard floor mounted) Rs.1000
Commode cover Rs.200
Jacuzzi (Standard fitting) Rs.1500
Bathtub (Standard fitting) Rs.1500
Washing machine connection (standard fittings) Rs.300
Something else Rs.200
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